Welcome to Moonshine Lights, a family-owned business providing the most compact, brightest, energy-efficient LED lights on the market today.   If you want to catch some fish or just light up the water, you've come to the right place.  We can custom build any light you can imagine, and all of our lights come with a one-year warranty.

Take a look at our storefront and you can see that we have expanded our selection of lights!!  We still have the original “Moonshine Hangover” and the “Double Shot” and now we have added a "Triple Shot",  "Flippin Light" and a Flounder/Lobster bully light.

Because of the unique designs and multiple power source options “Moonshine Lights” can be used in a variety of ways - a camping light, a utility light, a hunting light and of course a fishing/shrimping light… 


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